Summer Provider Newsletter

Receive Your Payment Faster

To improve our business processes and services, we wish to partner with you by having you sign up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) through an Automated Clearing House (ACH).

By using ACH, you will receive payments directly into your checking account and receive a remittance advice (RA) via an email address that you designate. Because payment via ACH is faster, this is now our preferred payment method.

Please enroll using our online form. If you have questions, please reach out to Customer Service or directly to your Provider Relations Representative.

Cultural Competency Trainings:

Cultural and linguistic competency is recognized as an important strategy for improving the quality of care provided to clients from diverse backgrounds. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health has developed an online training, Improving Cultural Competency for Behavioral Health Professionals. The goal of this e-learning program is to help behavioral health professionals increase their cultural and linguistic competency. This training is free and offers continuing education credits for providers.

Trauma Informed Approach Trainings:

The Health Care Authority is offering free trainings across the state on the Trauma Informed Approach (TIA) to care. A trauma informed approach gives all of us working
with individuals an acknowledgment of the impacts of trauma on those around us and the tools to recognize the signs of trauma. These trainings are offered to individuals interested in or receiving behavioral health services, their supervisors, agency leadership and the broader community. For additional information about the training and to find a location near you, visit the HCA TIA website.

Reporting Changes in Provider Information

All CHPW providers must give notice to CHPW at least 60 days in advance of any provider changes including, but not limited to:

  • Tax identification
  • NPI number (individual and/or group)
  • Billing (vendor) address, office, and fax phone numbers
  • Clinic contact Information (name, phone number, fax, and email) – i.e., Credentialing Coordinator, Billing Manager, Clinic Manager
  • Provider additions (include provider effective date)
  • Provider terminations (include provider termination date)
  • Clinic/facility location additions/changes (if applicable, include effective and termination dates for your clinics and/or facility)

A 60-day advance notice for changes will provide CHPW ample time to update all systems, notify members, and prevent claims payment delays. Provider and group changes should be reported to CHPW by completing a Provider Add Change Term (PACT) Form and/or Clinic and Group Add Change Term Form.

For new providers requiring credentialing, please submit a full credentialing application.

For Delegated Credentialing provider groups, please refer to and follow your delegated
credentialing agreement.

Read more provider updates in the summer newsletter.


A Nap a Day Could Keep The Doctor Away

An older man taking a nap on the couch.Many Americans do not get enough sleep and this can contribute to a number of health issues. Taking a nap during the day can help your body restore itself and promotes brain and heart health. A 20-minute nap has a variety of health benefits – from improved mood, to better focus and memory function. In some cultures, napping is even prescribed as a health treatment by doctors!

If you have trouble sleeping, take steps to improve your quality of sleep.


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